There are many reasons for our dogs’ sometimes funny behaviour …

Very often we just don’t understand some of the behaviours of our pets and would like to know why they do certain things. In this article we answer a very common question: Why do dogs shake their toys? The reason will amaze you!

My Dog ​​is Shaking His Toy

Most dogs love to play, especially when they are young. In all likelihood, you have already seen your pet take an object in its mouth and shake it in an uncontrolled manner. This behaviour may look funny and strange to a human, but for dogs it is the most normal thing in the world. It doesn’t matter if the dog is small or large … He just can’t resist the temptation to carry a toy from one place to another . You have probably already experienced that your dog does not want to let go of a toy and begins to shake it and pull on it with all his strength. But what is the reason for this behaviour?

Why Does a Dog Shake its Toys?

We should always remember that our pets have wild ancestors , and certain instincts and behaviours have remained. When your dog shakes toys or other objects, it could be because:

1. The Hunting Instinct

Surely you will know that the dog is descended from the wolf and that both have different things in common. When our domesticated four-legged friend pounces on a toy, growls at it, bites it and then shakes it around, it shows its superiority .

In the wild, wolves and hunting dogs behave the same way when they have killed prey. Since they need a lot of energy to achieve this goal, this behaviour is common.

2. Get Rid of Energy

Many pets spend most of the day in a small apartment and do not have the opportunity to drain their pent-up energy.

As soon as the chance presents itself, they do everything possible to get rid of energy. They can even get mad at their toys or ball while doing so. This behaviour can be observed especially if you don’t walk the dog often enough or if you leave it locked in the house for several days.

3. For Pleasure

Why Do Dogs Shake Their Toys

Who Said Dogs Don’t Want To Have Fun? They love to play like a little kid.  This includes shaking their toys. You will hear from the expression, the tail wagging and the barking how much fun this is!

4. Maternal Upbringing

Dogs remember everything they learned from their mother from the time they were born to the time they were separated from her . Females pass on all of their knowledge and at some point this comes to light again. This is also the case when shaking the toys.

5. Boredom

Of course, four-legged friends can be very bored … especially puppies. Your dog brings you a toy and shakes it in front of you as a sign that he wants to have fun and games.

Be careful because if you don’t respond to his game prompt, he could start destroying anything that gets in his way.

6. Frustration

You have to look very carefully so as not to confuse boredom with frustration.  Frustration can arise if the animal feels alone or unloved.

Certain breeds are more prone to separation anxiety (e.g., Cocker Spaniels). This can also be expressed by shaking and destroying toys.

7. Aggression

Ultimately, it can also be a negative sign when the dog shakes its toy like that. But how do you recognize this behavior? The dog gets stiff with the toy in its mouth, holds its head threateningly, and growls aggressively. In this case, it is very important to see a specialist to prevent the dog’s behavior from becoming dangerous.

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