By about 9-10 months, children become interested in cutlery.

By about  9-10 months, children become interested in the cutlery used by the parents and with which the mother gives complementary foods.

While eating, the baby tries to grab a spoon, examine it, lick it, and is already trying to copy what her mother is doing: scoop up porridge or mashed potatoes and bring it to her mouth.

Of course, the first inept attempts end up splashing and spilling food in all directions. Some kids love this fun and instead of learning to wield a spoon, they willingly indulge in it (of course, if mom allows).

At the same time, picking up a toy from a little bully becomes a real problem – after all, the kid does not want to part with it at all. At this moment, the mom needs to intervene in the situation and try to direct her into a peaceful channel, that is, teach her child how to use the cutlery for its intended purpose. With this spoon feeding comes into the picture.

Spoon Feeding: When to Start Teaching Your Toddler to Eat with a Spoon?

Starting from  10-11 months of age, a child may well learn to use a spoon correctly. Place a spoon in the handle while feeding. For the first try, be sure to prepare the baby’s favorite dish – let him not have the desire to throw it in vain.

Of course, in any case, the learning process will add extra hassle to you – cleaning and washing. The crumb will crawl into the plate with a spoon, try to scoop up food, as a result of which you will then collect it from the clothes, table, floor.

Patience is important here. And you reassure yourself that from such independent actions the little one increases his appetite and mood. Each time, the process will go cleaner and cleaner, and the tiny handle will hold the spoon more and more confidently.

Spoon Feeding Tips When to Teach a Child to Eat From a Spoon

Spoon Feeding Tips: What Spoon Should you Start With?

It is best to be the first to give the baby a special spoon made of silicone – they are completely safe and fit comfortably in a child’s handle. Alternatively, you can try a dessert spoon – after all, it looks more like the one that parents eat. At the same time, buy a baby bowl with high edges and suction cups. And it is better to let there be several of them – with different pictures at the bottom so that it is more interesting for the crumb to get to the bottom as soon as possible.

First, learn to eat mashed potatoes and porridge, only then move on to liquid dishes. Do not forget that each baby has its own development schedule, and if he does not want to learn spoon feeding, it’s okay, this will come to him a little later.

At first, the baby will hold the spoon as it is convenient for him – perhaps in a cam. If at this time you start to tug at it and teach it to hold it correctly, most likely you will only achieve that your treasure does not want to eat at all on its own.

We Eat at a Common Table

It is better to do something differently – more often to seat the baby at a common table. He will see how you eat and try to copy your behavior.

Eating at the same table with the whole family will be a real pleasure for a child – it is communication, new impressions, and gaining experience – in particular, behavior at the table. By the way, this method is very useful for increasing the appetite of babies. Do not forget to set a positive example for the baby – do not talk at the table, do not turn around, etc.

If the child does not feel like eating with a spoon at all and he continues to take food with his pens, try the method by contradiction – sometimes it works. Everyone at the table eats with spoons, but don’t give the baby a spoon. The same is with food – everyone eats and praises, and let the babysit a little with an empty plate. He will stretch himself and ask!

Rules of Etiquette

If a child under two years old has not learned how to hold a spoon, you can try to talk to him about this topic and point out mistakes, appealing that he is already big and must do everything right. The spoon is taken with three fingers – thumb, middle and forefinger, slightly below its wider part. When the baby learns this, teach him how to scoop food correctly, bring it to the mouth with the side, and not with the tapering part.

Explain to your child that you need to eat slowly, do not open your mouth wide and do not make any sounds at the same time. After three years, you can purchase a baby fork, because from this age the baby already clearly understands which objects are traumatic. Start with soft foods like banana chunks, cutlets, and over time, learn to prick harder foods.

Should I Force My Toddler to Eat with a Spoon?

Before insisting that your child certainly eat with a spoon, figure out why you need it to happen earlier because there is no strict time limit.

Remember, if you see had ever teen years of 13 or an adult who does not know how to use a spoon? If you do not rush and do not work “ahead of the curve”, this process will go unnoticed and by itself. And all you have to do is be surprised after the fact: “Was it really necessary to teach this? He himself learned … “

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