The new Nokia cell phone should no longer need a protective cover. The Finnish company surprises the tech world with this news. The new smartphone could become a robust outdoor model. What information is known so far.

“With our new Nokia, you’ll never need a case again,” says a company Twitter post on the back of the new smartphone model. The new cell phone is to be officially presented on July 27th. Nokia has been known for its rugged cell phones since the 1990s, and the devices have withstood drops from great heights. HMD Global, which has been developing and marketing Nokia brand smartphones since 2016, could take advantage of this tradition. But so far there is no more than speculation.

How exactly the cell phone should be protected from falls and which features the new nameless smartphone comes with is still unknown. It may be a rugged version of the Nokia X20 that is supposed to be robust and suitable for the outdoors. The Twitter image itself shows the Nokia X10 5G smartphone released in June 2021. Nokia is cooperating with Zeiss for the camera, and there are four image sensors on the back.

The reactions of the users to the announcement are mixed. One would like to banish the cell phone to the bottom of the Atlantic, others hope for a decent device at a fair price. So until the performance on July 27th, there is nothing left but to wait and see.

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