In the search for the right eyebrow shape, many women have already dared one or the other experiment, which may not always have been so super successful. Maybe you’re still recovering from a backfiring pulling action?

Don’t worry, eyebrows usually grow  back! And so that you are no longer wrong in 2021, we have put together the most important eyebrow trends for you – including styling tips.

These are the 3 most important eyebrow trends for 2021

1. Eyebrow trend for 2021: not too thin, not too thick

The micro-brow of the 90s celebrated a brief revival last year. But the Shape didn’t really catch on. Good thing, because some beauty trends really don’t need a comeback! Nevertheless, the desire for a structured eyebrow is still there, which has been intensified by the mask requirement – and a focus on the eyes.

Eyebrows with a nicely curved arch – neither too thin nor too thick – give our face a beautiful frame. Styling tip: Give the brow even more structure with an eyebrow pencil . For example, increase the curve of the bow or visually drag it a little bit longer.

Not too thin and not too thick: Bella Hadid found the perfect balance for her eyebrows

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2. Eyebrow trend for 2021: Bleached

Thick, thick, washy eyebrows were THE trend in the 2010s. But after a long phase in lockdown, we not only feel like doing something new, but also have enough time to experiment at home.

With the desire for drastic changes, bleached eyebrows have  become a lockdown hit. Danger! You should rather leave your teeth whitening to a professional. Because if you overdo it, you can do a lot of damage to your eyebrow hair.

Whitening is a bit too extreme for you, but do you still want to change? Then you can achieve a similar effect with coloured eyebrow gels in light blonde tones.

Yasmin Moon provides edginess and lightness with coloured eyebrows

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3. Eyebrow trend for 2021: treatments for voluminous and structured eyebrows

Brow treatments are becoming more and more popular and have evolved since the tattoo brow that emerged in the 2000s. In 2021, for example, we will be using brow lamination for naturally full eyebrows. With this trend, the hairs are given a kind of permanent wave that fans them out nicely.

In addition, according to beauty experts, the Geolift brow will be THE shape for the coming decade. Here, the hair is not only bent upwards, the eyebrows are also shaped and given a soft structure at the ends.

You can also create a fuller look with the use of colour. For the desired effect, make sure that the colour is a shade darker than your natural eyebrow colour.

The new trends in eyebrow treatments help everyone to have thick eyebrows

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