Everyone can do the Louvre, but what about the ones less explored? We’ll reveal 4 cultural highlights in the middle of Europe that are definitely worth a trip – and (still) quite unknown!

Culture lovers will of course get their money’s worth in Rome or Paris. However, you will also encounter huge crowds of tourists, long queues and often high prices. Perhaps you have already been to the most famous metropolises in Europe and now just want to see something different?

Annemarie Lehmann from Travelzoo says about Europe’s hot spots: “You have to see a lot. But Europe offers a lot more in terms of design and architecture.” That’s why the travel specialist revealed her favourite art and design hotspots! The following are her four insider tips that you should definitely consider when planning your vacation.

# 1 Unknown Travel Destination in Europe: Gdynia in Poland

Lesser Known Travel Destinations in Europe Gdynia Poland

Gdynia is about three quarters of an hour by car from Gdansk and thus directly on the Baltic Sea. Those who long for the sea will find it here. The south mole with its promenade and the beach attracts many visitors. You can also walk past sailing ships here, such as Dar Pomorza, which is now a museum. The large ship Blzskawica, which was used as a destroyer in World War II, is also moored here in the port.

However, Gdynia also attracts with super low prices (1 zloty is equivalent to around 23 Euro cents) and lots of local culture. In the market hall you can buy typical Polish and local specialties and admire the special architecture. Gdynia is best known for its modernist buildings.

# 2 of the Unknown Travel Destinations in Europe: Figueres in Spain

Lesser Known Travel Destinations in Europe Figueres Spain

Figueres is a small town in Spain’s Costa Brava. However, it is easy to reach via the motorway and a train station, including the trains that also go through Madrid or Barcelona. The city is a little sensation in Spain. Figueres became famous through the artist Salvador Dalí. Dalí was born in Figueres and is buried there today.

The Teatre-Museu Dalí makes the city a must for every surrealism lover. The art museum was built on the ruins of what was then the city theater. Dalí designed it himself. He was finally buried under the glass dome of the museum.

However, the city has a lot more to offer. The central Rambla square becomes a hot spot in the evening, there are many shops nearby and culture lovers can also visit the local history museum, the technology museum or the toy museum. Dalí’s house or the Castell de Púbol, where Dalí’s wife was buried, is also worth a visit.

# 3 of the Unknown Travel Destinations in Europe: Dessau in Germany

The Bauhaus movement wanted to bring art and craft together. Founding father Walter Gropius taught in Dessau from 1926 and designed hundreds of houses there that corresponded to this understanding and combine architecture with art. Many of them are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Dessau is the place for all architecture lovers.

And why wander far away when happiness can be so close? The city of Dessau-Roßlau is located in a wonderful meadow landscape and not only offers cultural highlights, but is also ideal for hiking or cycling.

# 4 of the Unknown Travel Destinations in Europe: Älmhult in Sweden

Lesser Known Travel Destinations in Europe Älmhult Sweden

The name Älmhult may not mean anything to you, but IKEA should be familiar to everyone. In 1958, Ingvar Kamprad opened the very first IKEA store in Älmhult. There is now an IKEA museum in the small town. But not only IKEA fans should visit the place, but above all design fans. In Älmhult many craftsmen and artists have their own shops in which they sell typical Swedish ceramics, glass and textiles.

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