For all those who want to get rid of their “lockdown bun” as soon as possible: With the trendy bob hairstyle you are doing everything right again this year. For inspiration, check out Instagram’s five best bob variants here:

Trendy Bob Hairstyle: The Best Instagram Looks for 2021

1. Trendy Hairstyle: The Blunt Bob

Its trademark: It is cut without steps, so all hair is on the same length. To do this, the tips are not frayed, but rather bluntly shortened. That makes it look very straight downstairs. Tip: style with a straightening iron.

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2. Trend Hairstyle: The Shag Bob

Super hip: the mix of the two haircuts Shag and Bob. The extremely tiered variant goes great with natural curls, for example. A light foam ensures that the curls bounce nicely.

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3. Trend Hairstyle: The Short Bob with Curtain Fringe

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This variant makes short bob cuts look a touch softer: an extra-long curtain fringe (or curtain bangs) softly connects to the lengths at the side. Tip: A light anti-frizz cream protects the hair from humidity.

4. Trend Hairstyle: The Long Bob with Waves

Probably the most popular bob variant is the long bob (it just touches the shoulders) with loosely styled waves. You can get this with both a straightening iron and a curling iron. Put a little dry shampoo into your hair for more volume.

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5. Trend Hairstyle: The Asymmetrical Bob

Cool: This bob variant is slightly longer in its baseline towards the front. This gives the trend hairstyle  swing and volume. Tip: blow-dry with a round brush, so the lengths fall nicely full and casual.

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