During a Trip to Norway, do visit Elsa’s kingdom of Arendelle and the magical world from ‘Frozen 2’.Here are the best Norway travel tips especially for families.

Norway is known as the land of trolls. And as is well known, they also play a major role in ‘The Ice Queen’. According to Norwegian popular belief, the mighty mountains and rocks of Norway are nothing more than sleeping giants. And if you take a closer look at the jagged stones on your Norway family trip, you can easily spot one or the other troll nose or big toe of a mountain troll.

You will encounter fantastic rock formations everywhere in Norway. They make every photo unique and literally set the country apart from its Scandinavian neighbors Sweden and Finland. They are built rather flat and therefore much more maneuverable. If you like climbing or who love exciting hiking routes, you will definitely find it in Norway!

Ingenious, but no longer an insider tip: The Trolltunga. The rock, which rises a good 10 meters horizontally over the Ringedal reservoir near the town of Odda, is reminiscent of the outstretched tongue of a troll and is used with a preference for photoshoots. But be careful: the route up to Trolltunga is not easy, which is why 12 hours are estimated (including photo breaks).

Tip: During your trip to Norway you will find cute little wooden trolls as souvenirs and good luck charms in many places.

Norway Travel Tips: Fjords and Glaciers

Norway without fjords is unimaginable. The widely ramified inlets look like calm lakes but contain saltwater. Norway has more than 1,000 fjords. The largest of them, the Sognefjord, even has the character of a sea. The fjord is as deep as the mountains that surround it: several thousand meters. This means that the Sognefjord is deeper than some parts of the North Sea.

Tip: In the romantic village of Balestrand you can go on a safari with a speedboat. During the more than one hour drive, you will see a waterfall in addition to the great landscape and the view of the pretty coastal houses. Even for the idyll, the 75 euros per person are worth it. By the way: Divide Norwegian kroner by ten to get the approximate price in euros.

Still, fjords are too boring for you? Then you should definitely take a trip to Bodø on your trip to Norway. In the southeast of the newly crowned European Capital of Culture 2024, you will come across the Saltstraumen – the largest tidal current in the world!

You can either take a closer look at the Saltstraumen on a RiB safari or make a short pilgrimage to the bridge over the giant whirlpool. From up here, you can even enjoy the view for free – with or without a drone. Experienced divers even venture into the Saltstraumen.

Tip: When the moon is full and depending on the weather, the water masses whirl around here at more than 20 knots, i.e. 40 km / h. The suction cannot swallow ships, but it looks more than impressive.

Surprise: You don’t even have to go to Iceland to get a taste of Elsa’s ice kingdom. You will find Svartisen on your trip to Norway, three hours by bus south of Bodø. You can even climb the mountains around the second largest glacier in Norway quite easily. It takes about 3 to 4 hours if you save the boat and walk around the ice-blue glacial lake.

The trip to Svartisen is an absolute must on your trip to Norway if you’ve always wanted to see a glacier up close. Touching ice included.

Tip: If you don’t like hiking, you can take a trip to the Magic Ice Bar in Bergen, Oslo or Tromsø to touch Norwegian ice. Entry costs around 22 euros per person. In return, you get a welcome drink, coat and gloves, because in the bar it is a cool -5 degrees. You can then enter the bar several times a day without having to pay again.

Norway Travel Tips For Families: Northern Lights and Sunsets

But Norway is not only beautiful during the day. Forget the sunny south – north of the Arctic Circle you can experience sunsets from autumn that seem out of this world. Then the sky literally burns and with its deep red to yellow light sets all of nature on fire so that you can only leave your mouth open.

In contrast to Paris, London or New York at Night, it is not for nothing that it is also called Bodø at Light. And that doesn’t just refer to the brilliant sunsets or the midnight sun, which doesn’t even set in the warm summer months, but also to the northern lights.

In order to be able to see the natural spectacle, you should be as far away as possible from the city, its lights and the smog. When you are in Bodø, Langsanden Beach is a good location for the northern lights. In general, autumn is the best time to see the northern lights, as the air is usually clearer than in winter.

However, there is never a guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights. Lady Aurora, as the locals affectionately call her, is extremely moody. But when you catch them and see the greenish lights dance across the dark night sky like in Disney’s ‘Frozen’, you start to believe in magic.

Tip: Many hotels offer special Aurora cabins. The ceiling and walls are partially transparent here so that you can watch the northern lights from inside if the worst comes to the worst. One of these hotels is the cozy Saltstraumen Hotel. There is a great breakfast here and the Saltstraumen river and bridge can be reached on foot in 10 minutes.

Norway Travel Tips for Children: Sami, Reindeer and Elk

In the second part of ‘Frozen’, the locals play a major role in addition to the nature of Norway. This is especially true of the Sami, who are nomads from the north and roam the country with reindeer.

If you want to find out more about their unique culture, you can do so in the summer season, for example at Svartisen Moose, before your glacier excursion. Here real Sami are available to answer your questions, and you can see tame moose up close – and even kiss them! For adults, it costs 10 euros, for children up to 15 years only 5 euros.

Norway Travel Tip: Bergen is a Must!

The bad news first: Arendelle is not a specific place to visit as such. The good news: you will come across parts of Elsa’s kingdom practically everywhere on your trip to Norway.

One of the main locations, which is rightly considered the original location of Arendelle, is Bergen. The historic Hanseatic Hanseatic League of Bryggen was clearly the inspiration for the buildings and the harbor promenade in ‘Frozen 1’. The colorful guild houses, which stand in a more or less straight row, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are definitely worth a visit.

Tip: The ride on the Fløibahn is not for nothing the most visited attraction in Bergen. Once at the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city. In addition to goats, a children’s playground and a restaurant, you will even find a life-size troll up here!

It is best to book a one-way ticket for half the price (4.50 euros) and take the leisurely hiking trail back. Don’t forget your umbrella, because there is hardly a city where it rains more than in mountains.

The magnificent church in which Elsa is crowned queen in the first ‘Frozen’ part is modeled on a Norwegian stave church. The exact model here was St. Olav’s Church in Balestrand.

Tip: If you are already in Balestrand, in addition to the already recommended fjord safari, you can also do a cider tasting in the Ciderhuset. Apples are the grapes of Norway and there are really exciting differences when it comes to wines.

During a walk in Balestrand, you get to see the most beautiful Scandinavian wooden villas. This is only topped by an excursion or a night in the historic Kviknes Hotel. The castle hotel is definitely worth seeing and would certainly also be worthy of Ice Queen Elsa.

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