Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. If you follow a few little tricks, you can experience a lot – and for little money. We’ll tell you how a low budget vacation works.

Vacation, especially long-distance travel, sounds expensive at first. But it doesn’t have to be! There are numerous tricks on how you can go on a lot of vacations with little money. And no, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay careful attention to your money on vacation. Even when booking a holiday, we can do a lot right (and wrong), which is then noticeable on our account.

We’ll show you how your low budget vacation can be a complete success – without any restrictions.

6 Best Tips For Your Low Budget Vacation

Tip # 1: Be Flexible

The more spontaneous you are and the more flexible your travel dates are, the cheaper prices you can get. This applies to flight booking as well as to hotels. Package tours are also often much cheaper if you are not limited to a specific date or travel destination.

On many bargain portals, such as Urlaubguru, Urlaubspiraten, or Travelzoo, you will find really cheap offers for your low budget vacation. Since the cheap trips are usually only available on very precise dates, flexibility is required. You should also use the “cheapest month” search option on flight portals such as Skyscanner, or search for a whole month. With many airlines, you can also search for cheap flights directly on the websites and activate notifications for such offers.

Another Important Tip: Travel in the off-season

If you want to go on a low budget vacation, you should definitely not travel in the expensive high season, i.e. the school holidays. Because then the prices are sometimes twice as expensive as in the off-season. If you want to travel with school-age children, you should choose a departure airport in a federal state (or abroad) that is not yet on vacation – this can save you a lot.

Tip # 2: Use Tools For Cheap Flights

Low Budget Vacation Travel App

There are now numerous apps and tools on the net that you can use to find really cheap flights. Here, too, some flexibility is required. Check out some best travel apps and websites popular in your country. You simply enter your travel period and departure airport and the cheapest travel destinations are suggested to you.

Another Tip: hide your location when searching for a flight. To do this, simply set the language, location and currency in the flight search engine to the desired travel destination. It is also worthwhile if you activate incognito mode in your internet browser.

Tip # 3: Use Public Transport

Low Budget Vacation Public Transport

Most vacationers walk straight to the taxi rank after landing at their destination. Of course, this is the most convenient and easiest option – but also the most expensive. If you want to go on a low budget vacation, you should use public transport. There is always the option of getting from the airport to your destination by bus or train. It’s best to find out in advance and book the tickets online so that you don’t have to search for a long time.

And you should not only rely on public transport at the airport – but also on your entire trip. Of course, that doesn’t always make sense. In areas with poor infrastructure, you usually need your own rental car to get from A to B. But there are so many countries that can now be easily traveled to by public buses or trains. Plus, it’s super cool to get around like the locals do.

Tip # 4: Save on Accommodation

Low Budget Vacation Tips

Forget about expensive hotel rooms and stay overnight for free when you travel. How it works? With couch surfing! Here people all over the world offer a place to sleep in their apartment – and completely free of charge. This can be your own room, but also just the sofa. With couch surfing you not only save a lot of money, but you also get to know a lot of new people. It is not uncommon for your host to show you the city at the same time or invite you to cook together.

If that’s a bit too private for you and if you value a hotel, you should head for small guesthouses rather than large hotel chains. The price also depends heavily on the location: on the beach, for example, it is much more expensive than inland, in the center of the city it is more expensive than on the outskirts.

You should also always take a look at the Airbnb app or website. Some really great private accommodations are offered on the website – and they are usually much cheaper than hotels.

The cheapest way to get away is to stay in a hostel. Sleeping in a room with other travelers is a bit strange at first, but it is also a great opportunity for single travelers to get to know people for joint activities.

Tip # 5: Self-catering

Low Budget Vacation Self Catering

Eating out every day is super cool to get to know the local cuisine, but the many restaurant visits also eat up a large part of our vacation budget. On the other hand, if you swing the wooden spoon yourself while traveling, you can save a lot of money. The prerequisite for this is of course accommodation with cooking facilities.

In hotels, one is mostly dependent on expensive meals out or hotel buffets, which usually have very little to do with the specialties of the country. A holiday apartment or a hostel with a shared kitchen, on the other hand, is a good way to cater for yourself.

If you don’t have the opportunity to cook yourself, you don’t have to eat in expensive restaurants. Street food is much better and much more authentic. The cookshops or food trucks on the street are usually unbeatable in price and super delicious.

Another Tip: buy in local instead of tourist supermarkets! They are usually a bit hidden, but also a lot cheaper. It gets most expensive in supermarkets and kiosks that are located right next to large hotel complexes or tourist spots.

Tip # 6: Free City Tours

Just because you are on a low budget vacation doesn’t mean that you have to forego cool activities. Because they also go low budget. For example, so-called free walking tours are now offered in almost every city. Here you only pay a small tip at most. On so-called greeter tours, locals will show you exciting spots away from the mainstream for free. In any case – if possible – stay away from guided tours, even if the offer usually sounds tempting. Such tours entice you to pick you up at the hotel, bring you directly to the destination and bring you back again. But for that, you usually have to leaf out a lot. It is much cheaper and more exciting to go out on your own and explore the area.

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