These dream holiday destinations that almost are unknown (or at least less popular) and that are therefore not overrun by tourists and are still quite cheap.

When it comes to vacation, it’s always one of those things: you want to discover new places, but it should be nice, so it’s best recommended by someone. After all, when you finally take your well-earned annual vacation, you want it to be worth the time and money.

That’s why the ten newcomers are now following among the travel destinations that the TripAdvisor community has named the best! You certainly won’t regret spending your vacation there with them – and you might even save some money in the process.

1. Gdansk, Poland

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Gdansk Poland

Poland is still underestimated as a travel destination, it is very cheap and beautiful in places like Gdansk. The coastal city is known for its amber trade, in the old town there are numerous goldsmiths and generally the enchanting streets invite you to stroll. On the keyword “coast”: Gdansk even has beautiful sandy beaches such as Brzezno or Jelitkowo.

The annual average hotel price in Gdansk is 53 euros.

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2. Riga, Latvia

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Riga Latvia

The capital of Latvia is not called an architectural pearl for nothing. From Art Nouveau to medieval buildings, Riga has a lot to offer and has already made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. A walk through the city, which lies at the mouth of the Daugava in the Baltic Sea, is definitely worth it.

The annual average hotel price in Riga is 56 euros.

3. Rovinj, Croatia

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Rovinj Croatia

Buildings crowded close to the water, narrow streets and cobblestones as far as the eye can see – the old town of Rovinj exudes a romantic charm. To the south of it is the clear pebble beach Lone Bay. Rovinj is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia.

The annual average hotel price is 91 euros.

4. Nerja, Spain

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Nerja Spain

If your holiday also includes the sea, then you will be very happy in Nerja. The city in Andalusia offers sandy beaches and a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. If you would like to experience some history, you can also see the stalactite caves in the area, which are known for paleolithic wall paintings.

The annual average hotel price in Nerja is 81 euros.

5. Catania, Italy

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Catania Italy

Catania is also called the ‘Black City’ because many buildings are made of lava stone. The city lies at the foot of Mount Etna, which is Europe’s highest, active volcano. The city offers pure Italian culture: from the cathedral to the elephant fountain. As a port city, the city is also a paradise for fish and seafood lovers.

The annual average hotel price in Catania is 68 euros.

6. Zagreb, Croatia

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Zagreb Croatia

Most people associate Croatia with the turquoise blue water on the coasts, and the capital also has a lot to offer tourists. Austro-Hungarian architecture, the famous St. Mark’s Church with the colorful roof paired with the metropolis feeling make a very promising city trip.

The annual average hotel price in Zagreb is 55 euros.

7. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Ljubljana Slovenia

The Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque all meet in the capital of Slovenia. In addition to its impressive architecture, the green city with its picturesque bridges offers its visitors a lot to discover – from restaurants and cafes to cultural events.

The annual average hotel price in Ljubljana is 74 euros.

8. Cadiz, Spain

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Cadiz Spain

During the day you can relax on the beach in Cádiz and in the evening the La Vina nightlife area invites you to party. The port city is characterized by over 100 watchtowers, as it is the base of the Spanish Navy.

The annual average hotel price in Cádiz is 86 euros.

9. Valletta, Malta

Less Popular Destinations in Europe Valletta Malta

The capital of Malta is completely under monument protection and that alone says something: The European Capital of Culture 2018 with its limestone facades is really beautiful. The spectacular cathedral, the impressive city walls and the narrow streets transport you to another time. In addition, the sea view and the vacation is perfect.

The annual average hotel price in Valletta is 164 euros.

10. Nuremberg, Germany

A wonderful vacation spot in Germany: Many bridges and small islands, as well as lots of half-timbered buildings, make Nuremberg’s very special charm. The romantic city in Bavaria is even suitable for a gondola ride. The annual average hotel price in Nuremberg is 92 euros.

So, which one will you be visiting first?

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