Apple has also introduced an additional color for its two iPhone 12 models. This means that users can now choose from six paint finishes.

While new iPads, iMacs, AirTags and a new Apple TV 4K model were expected in the rumor mill, there was hardly any information beforehand about another innovation that Apple presented at its “Spring Loaded” keynote on Tuesday, April 20: a new one Color on the iPhone 12 and 12 mini. It is “violet”, also called “purple” in English.

The clay covers both the glass back and the aluminum edges. “This new color brings out the flat aluminum edges of the iPhone 12, which are perfectly matched in color to the precision-milled glass on the back,” enthuses the company in a press release. At the same time there should be matching leather covers in the color “Deep Violet”. Apple marketing boss Greg Joswiak had the new purple finish “in time for spring”.

The fresh paintwork for the two cheaper iPhone models from 2020 is completely out of line – the devices have been on the market since autumn. Why Apple is delivering them later remains unclear; possibly the group wants to boost business with the iPhone 12 mini in particular.

iPhone 12 is Getting Even More Colorful

For the customers, however, so much color becomes confusing. Apple now delivers a full six colors for the iPhone 12 and 12 mini. In addition to “violet”, these are white, black, blue, green and red – the latter in the form of the “Product (Red)” campaign, in which money goes to the AIDS Foundation of the musician Bono. The group plans to pre-order the new color from this week. Pre-orders are possible from April 23, delivery will then take place from April 30.

According to the manufacturer, the new devices will be shipped with iOS 14.5, which will appear next week. Nothing changes in terms of prices. They start at 966 US$ for the iPhone 12 mini with 64 GB of storage and end at 1,293 US$ for the iPhone 12 with 256 GB of storage. The display sizes are 5.4 (12 mini) and 6.1 inches (12).

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