Huawei has announced that many new technologies will be used in upcoming smartwatches that are supposed to offer real added value in everyday life. This includes measuring blood sugar, blood pressure and EKGs. The former as a non-invasive solution that will make life easier for many people.

Huawei Wants to Monitor Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and ECG With a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are no longer just watches that can display notifications and measure the pulse, they are almost becoming medical products. Apple drove the trend, now Huawei seems to be moving into the fast lane. At the “China Medical Development Conference” in Beijing, Xu Wenwei, Huawei’s Research & Development Director, explained the next steps for smartwatches – reports Notebookcheck. Accordingly, Huawei wants to create the non-invasive way of continuously measuring blood sugar in the future. So far it has been the case that you needed some blood to measure your blood sugar. This would make life so much easier for people who have to test their blood sugar regularly.

Apple has also been working on a way to measure blood sugar using Apple Watch for several years but has so far failed because of the major obstacles that a non-invasive solution brings with it. The technology could not be built into an Apple Watch until 2022 at the earliest, and Huawei could anticipate this. In addition to measuring blood sugar, Huawei also wants to have blood pressure and ECG measured continuously with a smartwatch. That would also be a big step compared to current models, where you have to measure blood pressure or an EKG manually. The Chinese company could monitor the body permanently without people having to pull themselves up to measure blood pressure or take an EKG.

How Does Huawei Intend to do That?

Anyone who owns a smartwatch with blood pressure measurement or EKG function knows that manual use is not that easy. You have to sit down quietly and take a measurement for several seconds. In addition, the results often vary greatly. If Huawei wants to achieve a measurement with correct results, the technology must really work properly . If approval as a medical product is sought, the requirements for this are also very high. It will be exciting to see if that works. It would definitely take smartwatches to the next level as a result.

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