Cats are special beings and for some people, it is seemingly impossible to develop good relationships with them. Today we tell you which aspects you should pay attention to so that you can succeed.

In order to develop a good relationship with a cat, you should respect her special personality and great independence. You should definitely pay attention to these aspects and treat them accordingly.

Cats are special beings. For some people, it seems almost impossible to develop a good relationship with them. In this article, we’re going to give you some tips to keep in mind when dealing with them.

Tips For Building a Good Relationship With a Cat

Maybe you just adopted a cat or you already have one at home. Perhaps you are visiting the home of a relative or friend who has a cat and you would like to get on better with them.

In any case, it’s always good to know your cat’s character and what they like and what they don’t like. All of these are important considerations if you want to build good relationships with these special animals. You should consider and do the following things:

1. Offer Them Toys

One of the most common mistakes many people make when dealing with cats is wanting to play with the cat with their hands and feet. However, the house tigers often think this is a danger and so they try to bite your hands, scratch them, hold them, etc.

In order to develop a good relationship with a cat, you should offer them toys. You don’t have to spend a fortune in a pet store, you can use what is available to you. For example, you can form a ball out of newspaper, use a piece of string, and so on.

Then toss the item so the cat can chase it. Don’t forget that cats are natural hunters.

This will make the animal feel better with you and you can become friends in no time.

2. Never Yell At The Cat If You Want to Develop a Good Relationship With It

It is true that cats must also be trained and raised to behave well. However, they are very sensitive to punishment or loud screaming.

The best way to successfully raise your cat is through positive reinforcement. Reward the cat every time it does everything right. How? By petting, a friendly word, a toy or a small treat.

3. Don’t scare her

The nature of the cat is usually quite independent. Because of this, you shouldn’t make the mistake of putting her in a situation where she feels stressed or threatened.

Don’t chase her around the house, don’t make her hide under the bed or table, and always give her a chance to “escape”. If you scare her, she won’t trust you and you won’t be able to develop a good relationship with her.

4. Do Not Approach Her Unless You Have Her Permission

Unlike dogs, cats can be very “possessive” when it comes to their own bodies or space. Therefore, for example, you shouldn’t touch them when they’re sleeping.

You should also never hold or pull her tail by the tail. And under no circumstances should you stroke her stomach unless you have her permission.

Approach her slowly and calmly. Don’t make sudden movements that could disturb or startle them. First, touch her on the forehead, and if she allows you, you can then stroke her chin, neck, and back.

5. A Cat Is Not A Baby

Another reason why some people do not have a good relationship with cats is that they hold cats in their arms and treat them like babies too. Nothing is further from reality!

Cats don’t like being kidnapped, no matter what they’re doing. They like being hugged much less. You feel oppressed and may become aggressive.

If you are sitting on the bed or sofa, let the cat jump on your lap and allow them to get comfortable. When she feels good, you will find that she begins to purr and “kneads” you with her front legs.


To develop a good relationship with a cat, you should accept and respect their personality and privacy. Under this premise, you can become their friend and enjoy their company.

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