Are you planning a holiday in Corsica? We’ll tell you where to find the most beautiful beaches and show you Corsica’s sights that you shouldn’t miss.

White sandy beaches, rugged mountain ranges and deep forests: a holiday in Corsica is anything but a boring trip to the beach. Because in addition to relaxation, there is much more to experience here. Regardless of whether you like to hike, visit cities or just love to explore nature: a colorful mix awaits you on Corsica.

We show you Corsica’s sights – from dreamy beaches to medieval cities to the best viewpoints.

Corsica Sights: Idyll on the Cap Corse

Cap Corse Corsica Sights

The Cap Corse peninsula extends to the north of Corsica. If you follow the road around the headland, idyllic bays, extraordinary beaches and sleepy villages line up. Overall, Cap Corse is a little quieter than the rest of Corsica. So perfect for all nature lovers who want to escape mass tourism.

Due to its size, Cap Corse is perfect for a day trip. You should definitely pay a visit to the Plage de Nonza. The black pebble beach stretches across a long bay and offers perfect blue water for swimming.

Corsica Sights: Medieval Old Town of Bonifacio

Bonifacio Corsica Sights

At the southern tip of Corsica, the port town of Bonifacio is enthroned on a cliff of chalk cliffs directly by the sea. In the newer part of the city, there are numerous fish restaurants and bars next to the harbor.

But the real highlight of Bonifacio is the old town, which lies on a rock above the rest of the city. The medieval old town is a jumble of narrow streets, souvenir shops, bars and restaurants. And from the wall on the edge of the rock, you have a great view of the surrounding chalk cliffs. Definitely a place in Corsica that you should have seen.

Corsica Sights: Calanques de Piana

The Calanques de Piana is a real highlight in Corsica and not one of the top sights for nothing. The best way to explore the area is by car and on foot. The narrow road leads in serpentines directly between the bizarre orange-red rock formations. At the same time, the direct view down to the sea is revealed to you. There are always parking spaces along the street where you can stop.

Our tip: Be sure to get out and dare to go on one of the hikes. For the most part, they are neither very long nor difficult. And the effort is worth it, because you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the red rocks and the sea.

Corsica Sights: Col de Bavella

The road of the Col de Bavella mountain pass climbs steeply, curve after curve. But the arduous drive to the highest point is worth it. Because the mountain pass is one of the most scenic roads in Corsica. The view with which you will be rewarded is also unique and not for nothing one of THE sights in Corsica.

The mountain range of the Aiguilles de Bavella looms in front of you, as soon as you get to the parking lot and get out of the car. And after just a few steps you have breathtaking views of the valley with its pine trees and rock formations.

The Notre Dame des Neiges monument also rises on the edge of the street on the rock. If you love to hike, you will get your money’s worth here, because the area is crisscrossed by hiking trails. But a visit is also worthwhile for hikers, as the view from the roadside is an absolute highlight.

Corsica Attractions: The Most Beautiful Beaches

What would a holiday in Corsica be without a visit to the beach? We’ll tell you our five favorite beaches, where you’ll almost feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

1. Corsica beaches: Plage de l’Ostriconi

The Plage de l’Ostriconi in the north of Corsica scores with light sand and azure blue water. It is located in a bay so that you are protected from the wind here. However, it is no longer an insider tip, so it can get a bit crowded, especially during the high season.

2. Corsica beaches: Plage de Saleccia

The Plage de Saleccia is also located in the north of the country and is a little more difficult to reach. Either you walk the last bit or you should be on the road with an off-road vehicle, because the bumpy road is not suitable for normal cars. At the end of the day you will find a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and fine sand.

3. Corsica beaches: Plage de Gradelle

If you follow the narrow and steep road from the village of Osani down towards “Camping E Gradelle”, you have almost reached the remote Plage de Gradelle. The sand here is rather brownish and streaked with gravel, but the location in the picturesque bay is definitely worth it. And: Due to its slightly secluded location, definitely fewer people get lost here than to the well-known beaches of Corsica.

4. Corsica beaches: Plage de Ficajola

The Plage de Ficajola is quite remote on the west coast of Corsica near Piana. The small beach is rarely overcrowded, but it is still really dreamlike because it is located in a tiny bay and offers a beautiful sandy beach with pebbles.

5. Corsica beaches: Plage de Palombaggia

One of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica is the Plage de Palombaggia. Unfortunately, this is also reflected in the number of visitors. The beach is not completely overcrowded even during the high season, but a visit in the morning or late afternoon is recommended.

The two kilometers long beach (which actually consists of three individual beaches) is characterized by white sand, red rocks, old pine trees and crystal clear, turquoise water. A walk in the evening is especially nice when the beach is empty and the setting sun makes the red rocks glow.

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