You don’t feel really good in your body, but diets only put you in a bad mood? Then we have something much better for you: Amelia Freer, one of the UK’s best-known nutrition experts and food coach for stars like Victoria Beckham, takes a very simple and effective approach to staying in good shape.

These 5 nutritional tips are better than any diet: This is the advice of Victoria Beckham’s Food Coach to stay healthy, fit and in shape. With her concept of “positive nutrition” Victoria not only wants to pamper the body, but also mind and soul and thus awaken joy in a healthy diet. What exactly does Victoria Beckham’s diet look like? We explain here.

Nutrition Pro Amelia Freer is the Food Coach of Stars Like Victoria Beckham

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Goodbye, Diet! 5 Nutritional Tips From Victoria Beckham’s Food Coach

1. Eat More Nutritious Foods

Try to eat as many nutritious and whole foods as possible. This includes fruits and vegetables, of course, but also high-quality protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs or quark. Soybeans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds, quinoa, tofu, mushrooms, broccoli or peanuts are suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Healthy fats, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and water are just as important.

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2. Look For Balance

This rule of thumb will help you eat well:

  • Start with a few servings of fruit or vegetables (for example, fresh fruit for breakfast).
  • Then add a source of protein (for example meat, fish, eggs, natural yoghurt or legumes for lunch) and round off the meal with healthy fats (such as a little olive oil or an avocado).
  • For the evening you can take minimally processed carbohydrates with you on the menu (e.g. potatoes, sweet potatoes or brown rice). Nuts are ideal for snacking in between.
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3. Be Open to New Things

Those who enjoy good nutrition not only keep themselves physically but also emotionally healthy. In addition, it is of course easier to stand in the kitchen if you enjoy healthy cooking. Therefore, find dishes that you really like to eat and also like to cook. Try yourself out and be willing to experiment. Dare to try new ingredients and unknown recipes. The only important thing is: Do this on days when you have time (and do not fall over from hunger).

Victoria Beckham Swears by Amelia Freer’s Tips
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4. Don’t Focus Too Much on the Food

Don’t let the thought of eating rule your entire day. The aim is for a healthy diet to be a sure-fire success – just like the job, family, hobbies and sleep. Only then will you stay on the ball, eat less fast food and have fun doing it.

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5. Eat by Seasons

You are not only doing something good for the planet and the environment: Plants develop their nutrients through sunlight and good soil. When foods are harvested to match their season, they are ripe and fully developed. The plant has then received its optimal dose of sun, is more nutrient-rich and contains more antioxidants.

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