A flat stomach with a tight waist and gently protruding abdominal muscles: the core of Anaïs Jazmine, founder of the wellness website Mybeautyfuelfood , does not correspond to the hardened six-pack look of some fitness bloggers, but is feminine and sexy in a gentle way. No wonder! The French woman’s conscious training method is not about pumping up individual muscle groups. Much better: With so-called belly sculpting, the core of the body is strengthened in a holistic way, the intestines are stimulated and the back is also activated.

Belly Sculpting Trains the Stomach Gently But Effectively

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For a Narrow Waist and a Flat Stomach: What is Behind the work-out and Fitness Trend Belly Sculpting?

In an interview with vogue.fr, the trained Pilates trainer explains what is behind the hybrid work-out, which is made up of yoga, stomach vacuum elements (i.e. the conscious drawing in of the abdomen), breathing exercises and classic Pilates: “A belly Sculpting session begins with 10-15 minutes of abdominal muscle training before continuing with Pilates. ”Crucial for a well-trained stomach: hypopressive abdominal breathing, the ‘false breathing’ of the chest borrowed from yoga and the postural methods from Pilates. Both have one thing in common: the rhythm of breathing determines the movement. “If you take advantage of this, the result is a flat, decongested stomach and a slim waist.”

How Does the Hypopressive Breathing Method Work?

This is a gentle training that has been used since the 80s. The breathing technique strengthens the internal abdominal muscles and strengthens the pelvic floor. The point is to create a kind of vacuum in the abdomen by breathing after fully exhaling. To do this, the deep abdominal muscles need to be tensed, which trains the core of the body and tightens the abdomen.

The conscious retraction of the abdomen is particularly important in belly sculpting

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What is the Effect of the Body Sculpting Work-out Method?

Body sculpting not only activates individual muscle groups, but trains the entire core of the body – including the core muscles, which ensure a straight posture. The abdominal muscles are kept tensioned for ten to twenty seconds through the conscious contraction, the drawing in of the abdomen after exhaling . This not only forms a narrower waistline, but also affects the firmness of the abdominal wall.

How Quickly is the Effect of Belly Sculpting Visible?

“Quickly, sometimes even after the first session, the benefits of breathing work can be felt throughout the body: a calmer, clearer mind, a decongested stomach and better lymph circulation,” says Anaïs Jazmine. “You can feel that digestion is going better and the middle of the body looks flatter. You also feel less bloated. “

Since the daily exercises (20-30 minutes per day) also use the entire muscles of the body, “my customers usually see an effect on their entire figure and posture after a week.”

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