Effective beauty products always have to cost a fortune? Nope, not always. There are even certain foods that do not cost a lot but have positive effects on our skin, hair and nails. Or even on our breasts.

For once it is not the well-known coconut oil – it seems to solve every beauty problem. Our cleavage benefits from another delicious delicacy: pumpkin seed oil. It is actually said to have a lifting effect that even makes our breasts more beautiful. But how is that supposed to work?

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The Ultimate Beauty Secret: Firm Breasts Thanks to Pumpkin Seed Oil

Admittedly, there are still no well-founded, scientific studies that prove how strong the lifting effect of the pumpkin seed oil is. But that doesn’t change the fact that many women rave about its beauty magic on the Internet – and that the oil has properties that have a positive effect on our breasts.

On the one hand, pumpkin seed oil provides the skin with plenty of moisture, on the other hand, it contains high amounts of zinc and vitamin E, which give a balanced skin tone and quickly heal or minimize wounds and stretch marks by stimulating skin renewal. But the combination of antioxidants, zinc and vitamin C is primarily responsible for a firm result: These substances promote the production of collagen and elastin, which makes the cleavage appear plumper and therefore firmer.

How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil on Your Breasts:

Of course, like all other beauty products, the oil does not work overnight. But if you massage a few drops into your breasts for at least two minutes a day, you will see an effect after just a few weeks. But watch out: Because the pumpkin seed oil leaves stains, you should put on an old bra or an old T-shirt after the massage so as not to mess up your beautiful clothes.

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