What is Google going to do with Android 12? The developer conference begins tomorrow and the company will probably give a first, larger outlook on the new operating system. A promo video shows us today that a lot will change. It’s not just about the look, but also the operation.

Android 12: Google is Changing a Lot

So far, it was thought that Google would rather refresh Android 12 under the hood. More data protection, better performance and here and there some minor changes to the interface. A leaked promo video shows that we can expect a lot more. In fact, the little things have come together to form a neat upgrade, which will not only affect the look, but also the operation. Overall, everything becomes much more rounded and fluid in operation. The jagged notifications are not only summarized in the overview, but also in the notification bar. Google also changes many controls and adjusts widgets. Taken individually, they are all rather small changes, but together they will have a major impact on the use of cell phones. In the following video, the promo material is played by Android 12 from minute 6:30:

Looks a bit unusual at first glance, but I like it on the whole. Of course, we don’t know if Android 12 really handles notifications and other elements that much better. In addition, the manufacturer should be free to choose whether to adopt the visual changes . In this direction, however, Google is increasingly adapting to manufacturers such as Samsung.

Android 12 on The Pixel 6

The video shows not only the changes to Android 12, but also the Pixel 6 from the front . This would confirm the recently leaked design . Here, too, Google is orienting itself more towards the trend towards rimless mobile phones. We dare to doubt whether Google will really show us the Pixel 6 tomorrow. But we will probably learn a lot about Android 12.

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