Sweden has long been one of the most popular travel destinations. The Swedish winter has much more to offer than snow and cold. We reveal why you will love a winter holiday in Sweden and give you lots of insider tips.

Fantastic nature, fresh air and as much peace as you could wish for: German holidaymakers have long since discovered Sweden as a holiday destination. But Sweden doesn’t just have a lot to offer in summer. The dense forests, lakes and waterfalls offer an idyllic sight even in winter and are definitely worth a trip. We’ll tell you the best insider tips for a winter holiday in Sweden that are guaranteed to keep you from getting bored.

Tip # 1: Coziness in Your Own Holiday Home

Even if the holidaymakers have taken Scandinavia into their hearts, Sweden is not exactly one of the cheapest travel destinations. You can save yourself a lot of frustration about prices that are too high by planning your vacation at home well.

If you travel as a family or with friends, you will of course get away much cheaper with a holiday home than with several hotel rooms. Thanks to your own kitchen, you can cook yourself and save expensive visits to the restaurant.

Excursions to foreign supermarkets are super exciting anyway and the perfect opportunity to take home a self-filled bag with Swedish sweets (‘Lördagsgodis’) as a souvenir.

But a holiday home for a Swedish vacation can not only score points in terms of price. Warm up by the crackling fire in the fireplace, build a snowman in your own garden, endless exploration of nature directly behind the house: the Swedish red wooden houses give you a wonderful home-feeling and offer a lot of privacy.

Because one thing is certain: the Swedes do not have a space problem. So who is not a fan of crowded ski slopes and skating rinks, this is the place.

Tip: Think about what wishes to fulfill your Swedish ‘Stuga’: Want a shortest possible walk to the nearest lake? Would you like a holiday home with a sauna? Or all around as many activities for children as possible?

The better you know how you want to organize your winter holiday in Sweden, the easier it will be to find the right holiday home.

Tip # 2: Independent Travel, Thanks to a Rental Car

Insider Tips For a Winter Holiday in Sweden Rental Car

If you don’t just sit in one spot in Sweden, but want to explore as much of the big country as possible, you should definitely make yourself independent with a rental car.

Tip: For a vacation in the Swedish winter it is advisable to rent a car with four-wheel drive. Because many roads are not cleared in winter.

Tip # 3: Discover Small and Large Forest Dwellers

One of the most important must-sees for vacationers in Sweden is the moose – or even better: several moose at the same time. You are most likely to encounter a moose very early in the morning just before sunrise or late at night. The following applies: the quieter and lonelier the place, the better.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can also visit an elk park. Of course, that doesn’t have the same adventurous surprise effect as spotting a moose by the wayside. But you can take a closer look at the bull elk and cows with calves, watch them bathe or feed them.

There are around 40 moose parks in Sweden. Most of the moose parks are in southern Sweden, for example ‘Grönåsen’ or the ‘Virum’ moose park. Unlike in a zoo, for example, the animals there live in their completely natural habitat on several hectares of forest.

Tip # 4: Waterfalls with Winter Wonderland Flair

7 Insider Tips For a Winter Holiday in Sweden Waterfall

A special experience in the Swedish winter is a visit to a waterfall. One of the most impressive waterfalls is called ‘Tännforsen’. It is located in the Åre nature reserve in Jämtland, near the Swedish-Norwegian border. The visit is free.

The waterfall connects the two lakes ‘Tännsjön’ and ‘Östra Noten’. The water falls 37 meters down there and is a wonderful sight, especially in an icy winter landscape.

Tip: think of non-slip shoes and warm clothing. The path around the Tännforsen is icy and slippery in winter.

Tip # 5: Northern Lights in Northern Sweden

7 Insider Tips For a Winter Holiday in Sweden Northern Lights

Have you always wanted to see the spectacular northern lights? Perfect, because with a little luck you can also fulfill this wish on your vacation in Sweden.

The ‘Northern Lights season’ is limited to the winter months when the sun does not rise north of the Arctic Circle for several weeks or months. However, bright northern lights should also be clearly visible in September, October, February and March.

You have the best chances in northern Sweden, for example in Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost city. Incidentally, special vantage points such as the ‘Aurora Sky Station’ in Abisko National Park ensure the perfect view. It should almost guarantee a cloudless sky.

Tip # 6: Skiing in Jämtland

7 Insider Tips For a Winter Holiday in Sweden Ski

Winter sports enthusiasts take note: If you prefer to hit the slopes and less crowded après-ski parties, you have good cards on a winter holiday in Sweden. The most beautiful ski resorts are Åre and Östersund, which are best known for their international competitions.

But there are also worthwhile ski areas around these two places that are probably cheaper to get away from, for example Bydalsfjällen. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the 45 km of trails are also ideal for cross-country skiing.

Tip # 7: Ice Fishing

Those who want a real adventure holiday will also get their money’s worth in Sweden. Things get particularly Nordic, for example, with activities such as snow hikes including ice fishing and camping under the starry sky. Usually the fish is then fried over an open fire.

Tip: Is it your first time in winter in Sweden? Then don’t be afraid to take part in organized group tours. They have nothing to do with overcrowded tourist excursions in Sweden. There are great offers in Arvika in Värmland, for example.

The great thing: You automatically get to see the most beautiful places and picturesque photo backdrops – so be sure to plug in a camera.

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