A thick head of hair is still considered an ideal of beauty. But unfortunately, the hair’s abundance has steadily decreased over the years: The hair becomes thinner and sometimes it even falls out due to hormonal changes, stress and the like. What is left behind? Hair with little body and stamina. But help is near. Our Whowhatwear colleagues have identified five trendy hairstyles that make even thin hair look super full.

1. Trending Hairstyle For Thicker Looking Hair: Long Lob With Layers and Side Parting

Make Thin Hair Look Thicker Side Parting

Do you already wear a bob or have medium-length hair? Then this is the perfect trend hairstyle for you if you also want a little more fullness on your head: Gentle layers provide extra volume in a bob hairstyle. The emphasis is on gentle, angular steps thin out even more.

Quick styling trick: use deep side parting. This makes your hair look even more voluminous. The best way to do this is to blow dry the front area with a round brush.

2. Trending Hairstyle For Thicker Looking Hair: A Blunt Cut With Gentle Layers

Make Thin Hair Look Thicker Wavy

Do you love your long hair and do not want to part with it despite the fine hair structure? Then the blunt cut with gentle steps is ideal for you. Actually, with the blunt cut, all hair is shortened to the same length. In the soft version, there are gentle steps up to the height of the collarbone. This makes even fine, long hair look a bit fuller.

Tip: Don’t wear your hair straight, but rather in beach waves for maximum volume.

3. Trending Hairstyle For Thicker Looking Hair: Long Hair With Face-Framing Fringe

Make Thin Hair Look Thicker Face Framing Fringe

Would you also like to have a pony? There is also a solution for this: Use a face-framing fringe. It is very similar to the curtain fringe and frames the face nicely. While compact bangs are nothing for fine hair, face-framing fringes do not lose any volume due to the combination of shorter and longer forehead fringes. 

Instead, it gives structure and at the same time requires minimal styling and maintenance.

4. Trending Hairstyle For Thicker Looking Hair: One Length Blunt Bob With Bangs

Make Thin Hair Look Thicker Bob Bangs

Fancy a classic bob? Then this variant ensures beautiful, full hair: the blunt bob with bangs. With its blunt and straight cut, the blunt bob conjures up more fullness. The important thing here is to have a tip cut every six to eight weeks. If the ends are broken, frayed or not exactly on the same length, the trend hairstyle loses volume.

Styling tip: Do not be afraid of the straightening iron, it does not destroy the volume!

5. Trending Hairstyle For Thicker Looking Hair: Pixie

Make Thin Hair Look Thicker Pixie

The hairstyle with the mega-volume effect: the pixie cut. Thanks to its shortness and the many layers, the hair looks wonderfully voluminous with a wild tousled mane as well as with smooth strands and side parting. 

Styling tip: work with mousse and gel for even more fullness. 

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