More and more rays of sun penetrate us and slowly nature is coming back to life – wonderful! We can hardly wait until spring is finally here. And with these looks you really bloom!

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We show nature how it is: We will soon find blooming life not only on our doorstep, but also on our faces now. The cold days are getting less and we are shining to match the spring sun! Do you want a successful change from the usual nude tones? With these spring looks you can start fresh into the next season!

Pastel Dream

Pastel colors are great for integrating subtle color into your make-up. The light nuances highlight your eyes and immediately make your gaze look more alert. Apply the eyeshadow generously to your entire eyelid with a flat brush. With a cool shade of brown, you can then hide the edges and deepen the crease a little. The pastel colors come into their own particularly well when you emphasize your upper and lower lash line with a darker shade tone on tone. The best: No precision work is required here! So just get started. You can always adapt the look perfectly to your outfit.

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Even if the weather doesn’t play along – nobody can take the sun off your face! Warm nuances are very grateful on the eye because they can be blended quickly and evenly. Yellow eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye is a real eye-catcher and makes you shine. So don’t be afraid of this bright color! Usually, yellow eyeshadows are less pigmented, so you can control the intensity well.

Wing it!

If you don’t dare to use so much color on your lid, you can feel your way around with an eyeliner. And you don’t have to be a professional for this look! In contrast to liquid liner, eyeshadow forgives you for one or two mistakes. For an even look, cover your eyelid with concealer in the first step and fix everything with powder. Then go with a thin, angled brush in the eyeshadow of your choice and knock off the excess. Press the color very close to your lash line – you can also combine different tones! A lighter color inside opens the eye again. 

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It is best to apply the mascara only afterwards, so that any fall-out (crumbling of the eyeshadow) disappears from the eyelashes. A little blush makes every look fresh and suitable for spring.

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