Whether it’s your first time and adopting a dog or you are thinking about adding one more member to your already big pet family but you are not completely sure as to which breed to zero down to, we are here to help you. One of the most popular breeds of dogs to inhabit is the Golden Retriever. They are easily available, demand minimum attention and are absolutely adorable. Below we list ten reasons why the Golden Retriever MUST be the newest inclusion in your life.

1. They are fun: Golden Retrievers are very playful. They can be incredibly fun at the pool, dog park or even at home. Their infectious energy will make you go out and be more active.

2. They are attentive and obedient: Golden Retrievers are known to be very attentive to their owners. They are always eager to please and bond easily with everybody in the family. This makes them a better choice than the other breeds in case you move around a lot or if you are expecting a child.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Golden Retriever

3. They’ll never betray you: Golden Retrievers are loyal canines and they do not stray far from their owners. They do not entertain strangers and thus also function perfectly as watchdogs.

4. Like, VERY obedient: Golden Retrievers are known for their high level of obedience. They easily learn tricks and they are very easy to potty train and such. In fact, they were one of the first three dogs of any breed to be honoured with the first AKC Obedience Champion Title in 1977. So if you are looking for a champion, a Golden Retriever is THE breed for you!

5. They are friendly and lovable: If you already have other pets at your home already, you can trust a Golden Retriever to easily mingle with them. These lovable canines are extremely sweet towards other dogs, cats, fish and other small animals. They are a trouble free group of dogs and are expert at adjusting.

6. They are extremely adjusting: Golden Retrievers can be extremely adaptable to a variety of different living situations and climates. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, they can live as comfortably in an apartment as in a farm. So if space is a problem, Golden Retrievers are the perfect breed to adopt.

7. Messiah for the differently-abled: If you are a differently-abled person or someone in your family is, you can adopt a Golden Retriever to help you get around. These dogs are very friendly, hardworking and empathetic and work wonders as guides (service dogs) for the blind or deaf mutes.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Golden Retriever

8. Kind and protective towards children: Golden Retrievers are known to be exceptionally kind and careful with children. So if you are a family with a small child or even a baby, do not hesitate to adopt a Golden Retriever as the dog will fiercely protect your child as if it belongs to their kind!

9. Very efficient at running errands: Golden Retrievers are a strong breed of dogs and with proper training, they can be taught to collect groceries, rolls of newspapers and even a carton of eggs. Their responsible nature makes it easier to trust them for running errands.

10. They can give Leonardo di Caprio a run for his money: Golden Retrievers have been the top choice for filmmakers for the longest time. These dogs have been in much-loved movies such as the famous Homeward Bound series and the Air Bud series. If you are looking forward to bringing home a healthy dose of glamour and adorableness, we can’t think of anything better than a Golden Retriever!

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